Aug 132011

It was a beautiful summer morning in July when the first green burial occurred in Oklahoma.  The service was attended by over 75 friends  and family members.  The ceremony was one that provided those attending an opportunity to participate in recognizing the life that was lived.  We at Green Haven Cemetery express our condolences to the loved ones.

Apr 192011

The Reverend Stan Warfield and Bill Bernhardt

Easter Sunday April 24, 2011. The Reverend Stan Warfield dedicated Green Haven Cemetery as consecrated ground for future burials.  Although it had rained through the night, the dedication went on as planned. While it was misty and overcast, the day had a feeling of peace and tranquility, a proper beginning for such a special place.

Jan 042011

Green Haven….about who you are and the legacy you leave.

Green Haven is a “green” cemetery, one that is maintained in harmony with the environment.  A green cemetery allows the physical body to return to the earth naturally without using containers to protect the body.  After the funeral service and other memorial services, the body is placed in a biodegradable shroud directly in the ground. Continue reading »

Jan 022011

Green Haven is the first to provide Oklahomans with a burial option that makes sense to them. Hear our story….