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Bill Bernhardt, Jr.

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  1. Hello. My name is Kirsten McIntyre and with News 9 in OKC. Would you please call me on my cell– 405-250-3916. We’re interested in coming to Stillwater and doing a story on your cemetary. Thanks! Kirsten McIntyre

  2. I would like information about Green Haven – when will it be ready, cost, etc. The only thing I have read about a natural burial is that it must take place within 24 hours of death. The deceased is wrap in a shroud. What else do I need to consider? My husband is currently in a nursing home in Pawnee. I live in Yale. Thank you for your help. Wendy Lann

    • Ms Lann;

      My condolences about your husband’s condition.

      Burial doesn’t have to take place within 24 hours it there is refrigeration or embalming. Spaces at Green Haven Cemetery are $ 600.00 and the opening and closing of the grave is $ 425.00. You can find out more about the cemetery and the rules and regulations at our websidt

      My phone number is 405 747 9642.

  3. We are coming for Diana Marsh’s funeral. Do you have a street address? We need one for GPS. Thanks.

  4. Do you have a list of funeral directors with whom you work that will prepare the body without embalming and provide a shroud? Are there any in Oklahoma City? Is a funeral director even necessary? If a person dies at home, can an approved shroud be obtained by the family from another source and the body brought directly to the cemetary by the family? If the family can aquire an approved shroud, where can they aquire it from? What constitues an “approved” shroud? Sorry for all the questions, I just have been so excited about this cemetary opening in Oklahoma. I will at some point have to prepare for my mother’s funeral (let’s hope not any time soon) as she will turn 80 years old next year. I am her only family so it will be all up to me and I know that I won’t be in any shape at the time to figure it all out, so I like to do so in advance. Are there any laws about how the body can be transported or by whom? Thank you so much for any info.

  5. Bill,
    I have a family that is interested in burial in Green Haven. Could you be so kind to send me the informations need as to funeral director requirement, embalming, etc.? They want to come in next week some time to discuss a cremation or burial plan. Haven’t heard from you in a while, how is everything going?



  6. My sister, Dianna Marsh, was the first burial in Green Haven. We were at the cemetery yesterday and noticed the granite marker has been erected. At the time of Dianna’s passing, a year ago, we were told that her name could be engraved for $200 or $300, I don’t exactly remember, when the stone was erected. I’d like to do that now. If you’d let me know the details, I’d appreciate it.
    Thank you,
    Teresa Ray

  7. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve always said that I wanted to be rapped in shroud and put in the ground as natural as possible. I will definitely make sure that my will states that I will be buried here.

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes, this isn’t an option that has been available everywhere. Putting your request in your will is a good plan, however, wills are usually not read before funeral and plans are made, so something else might happen before it is read.

      A good idea is to preplan your funeral and give a copy to your funeral director and to anyone else who might be involved in the funeral planning. Preplanning is a gift that only you can give to your next of kin and other family members, it is a loving thing to do. Anyone who has had to make plans for a funeral will tell you that some guidance would have made them feel a lot better. This way they will always know would approve of the way the funeral was carried out.

  8. I would like information on the requirements for preparation of a body for burial at your cemetery. My husband and I much prefer the idea of natural burial as opposed to what has become traditional. We are in our 50’s and not expecting to pass away any time soon; but we all know that the unexpected often happens, and I would prefer to be somewhat prepared. Thank you.

  9. My mother was buried here. Chapel Hill funeral home in Oklahoma City allowed members of her family and faith community to come in and shroud my mother and then Chapel Hill transported her to Green Haven. We had a graveside service. It was beautiful.

  10. I am very interested in this concept. However, I find your website to be seriously lacking in necessary information. I am also discouraged by the statement that ‘availability is only considered at time of need’. What does this mean? I must wait until I die before making final arrangements? Not practical or possible. Advance planning is necessary because ones relatives are very likely to order up a funeral home to embalm and display the corpse. I don’t want this. Please help.

    • Thank you for your questions.

      Answer to the last question first. Pre-planning is a sensible thing to do, because you know you will need it in the future. You may still pre-plan, just go the the funeral home you plan to use, in addition to planning the funeral include plans to use Green Haven Cemetery, or the cemetery of you choice. The funeral home will make all the arrangements and follow your instructions. There is a law in Oklahoma forbidding anyone to change pre-need funeral plans. It would be a good idea to include a hand written signed note in the plans you give to the funeral home stating you do not want your plans changed.

      Since we are not in business for profit, we do not sell property in advance, even thought we could. We select the space to be used at the time of need. So far this has not been a problem for any interments. This is reason all our rules are stated up front so people can make an informed decision. Green Haven is not for everyone and only those who like the concept use it. We created this cemetery to give people a choice.

  11. is burying cremated remains in the cardboard container allowed?

  12. today is 09/04/2015. are you close to being full? i do not know when i will run out of time.

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