Our Mission


Mission statement

  • To create an oasis of peace and solitude where one can become one with the environment, naturally. 
  • A place undisturbed by the activities of everyday life and loved ones can spend time in harmony with nature and fond memories.
  • A place where the earthly body can return to the earth as it was meant too.
  • Caring for our loved ones naturally.
  • Offering the opportunity to make end-of-life choices consistent with one’s life style.
  • Providing a place for those who lived the last few years in an environmentally friendly manner and would like for their earthly resting place to be of the same conservation style.
  • A peaceful meadow with grass, flowers and birds; free from the clutter of monuments and markers.
  • A natural place without the intrusion of noise and clutter.
  • To allow those wanting to Return to nature without the environmental damage of cremation.

  One Response to “Our Mission”

  1. Question:
    Do I need to pre-arrange, with a friendly mortician, the job of transporting my remains to your burial grounds? If an autopsy is needed will that eliminate the possibility for this process?

    What should I be doing in advance of my death to insure that my body is buried on your grounds?

    Thanks, Frank Silovsky

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