First Oklahoma Green Burial


It was a beautiful summer morning in July when the first green burial occurred in Oklahoma.  The service was attended by over 75 friends  and family members.  The ceremony was one that provided those attending an opportunity to participate in recognizing the life that was lived.  We at Green Haven Cemetery express our condolences to the loved ones.

  3 Responses to “First Oklahoma Green Burial”

  1. I have searching for a cemetery like this for several years. Thank you so much.
    Bill Merritt FH is now helping me.

  2. Don’t the Grave have to be marked someway so they don’t dig into someone’s else’s burial spot ? Thanks

    • Denny, that is a logical question. All the spaces we use were platted and marked by a registered engineer. We know where each space is and the location of each burial and the name of the person buried in that space.


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