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Green Haven Cemetery
Rules and Regulations
October 1, 2015
Green Haven Cemetery is a Green cemetery therefore rules are not the same as for other cemeteries. Please read the following list of rules and regulations carefully before making a decision.

1.Cemetery property may be purchased only at the time of need.
2.Individual spaces are used in order of burial.
3.The cemetery will choose the next space available. This means that family members may not be next to each other. You are buried in a place, Green Haven Cemetery, not a spot.
4.Grave markings are not permitted. There will not be grave markers or monuments.
5.Decorations placed in the cemetery will be removed and placed around the monolith cenotaph.
6.The names of the deceased may be inscribed on the cenotaph to indicate the burial took place here. The date of birth and death may be included in the inscription.
7.Caskets, and ridged outer containers are not permitted (example is a concrete box or a vault).
8.The body shall be wrapped in an approved shroud according the preparation instructions.
9.The cemetery will be maintained in a meadow habitat and therefore mowed at least once a year or as necessary to manage the wild flowers and weeds. It will look like a grassy meadow with tall grass and wild flowers. (The flowers are not guaranteed)
10.The funeral director or person who is preparing the body for burial must be authorized by the cemetery to perform said preparation. Authorization may be obtained by the designated individual or institution by agreeing to comply with the preparation instructions. These instructions may be obtained by emailing Green Haven Cemetery and requesting a copy of the instructions.
11.Embalming is optional.
12.The cemetery must be notified 24 hours in advance of a burial.
13.Burials will be permitted Monday through Friday from 2 hours after sunrise until 2 hours before sunset.
14.Because this is a natural setting, the use of cemetery equipment such as artificial grass, chairs, tent and other cemetery equipment is discouraged but will be permitted when requested.
15.All fees are to be paid before burial.

The rules and regulations of the cemetery may be changed without notice and will become effective when posted on our website.

Price List as of October 1, 2015 ;
Single cemetery space $ 600.00
Grave opening and closing $ 425.00
Inscription on the Cenotaph $ 350.00
(full name, birth date and death date)
Decoration removal fee $ 150.00
Prices subject to change without notice. Changes will become effective when posted to the web site.

  10 Responses to “Rules and prices”

  1. when is a good time to visit the site?

    Stan OKC

    • Hi Stan;

      Most any time. If you want me to meet you there call me at 405 747 9642 and we can set an appointment. If you don’t want to meet anyone at the site it is 1000 feet south of the intersection of Hwy 51 and the Coyle Road on the West side. Let me know if I can answer any questions.

      Bill Bernhardt
      405 747 9642

  2. I don’t understand the reasoning behind permitting embalming. If this is a true green cemetery, then the object should be to keep toxins to a minimum. Embalming leeches in Formaldehyde, Phenol and Mentho in the ground, these items are human carcinogens – they cause cancer. So what is the point of making sure the burial attire is bio-degradable and then putting an embalmed body into the ground? I was also wondering about your excavating routine, are things dug out by hand in order to reassemble them as closely to the way things were? For instance, pasture floor, top soil, sub soil and then putting everything back together in the reverse order? There is a chapter in the book Grave Matters by Mark Harris that outline the way to approach a green burial that is really and truly green. Thanks, Melissa Migliore

  3. This is where I want to be buried but I dont know if my local funeral service providers have the knowledge necessary to prepare my body. I aint dead yet but do not want to leave this decision to my family. I am so happy to see this in Okla. as the only one I knew about before was in South Carolina.

  4. My wife has received both chemo and radiation treatments and was wondering if a burial is allowed there also woulda simple pine box be allowed

    • I am sorry, we can receive a body fully dressed wrapped in a biodegradeable blanket. Wood boxes are not accepted.

  5. Are things like Spiritree allowed?

  6. can cremated remains person be buried in your cemetery?

    • Yes, they must be in a biodegradable container that does not increase the total volume of the cremated remains by more than 10%

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